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How can I be more sustainable?

21 June 2021

If you’re asking yourself, how can I be more sustainable in my day-to-day life? Then this might just be the blog for you.

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World Rainforest Day this week was just another reminder of our duty to society and our planet as a whole. Despite climate action being at the forefront of the social agenda, the need to be sustainable presents many challenges to everyday life.

Growing Your Own Produce

This timeless classic is often considered to be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be hard at all. There are a number of new tools and gadgets from Smart Gardens to self-watering containers that can help you grow some tasty fruit and veg. It doesn’t come more sustainable than this either because store grown fruit and veg can often have a significant carbon footprint depending on where they are produced.

Sustainable Fashion

We’ve mentioned this before in a previous blog, but it really does have a key position in today’s society. The manufacturing of clothes can have a quite an impact on the environment. From its water usage to the chemicals used, it can often have dramatic consequences. That being said there are a number of brands out there committed to developing more sustainable practices. Nike recently released its recycled crater foam-based shoe range and Patagonia have begun a repair and reuse program to prolong the life of its products.

Water Usage

Manufacturing is often a go to target for blame when it comes to water waste. But that doesn’t mean to say that our day-to-day usage of water is perfect. We’ve all been guilty of having long showers or leaving the tap running but this really does have a big impact especially in a country of over 60 million people.

Just remember though, you don’t have to splash your cash on fancy sustainable products. Just by changing our ways a little, we can have a positive influence on climate action. For more tips check out Students Organising for Sustainability.



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How can I be more sustainable?


If you’re asking yourself, how can I be more sustainable in my day-to-day life? Then this might just be the blog for you.. Read more... >

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